One Great Way to Actually Feel the Joy of the Holidays

JoyWell, as I am writing this our Iowa winter sure has arrived in full white beauty and chill. This is the time of year we not only with winter upon us but more gray short days. I find these days a challenge since I feel better with more sunlight. This only adds to the stress of the demands of the holidays. I read recently a headline, “Tis the season of more stress”. I couldn’t agree more. Stress challenges our immune system and our adrenals (glands to handle our stamina and flight or fight reaction to stress). This is a time to offer more support to how your body responds to stress. It is our adrenals that help us with our stress response.

Adrenal hyperfunction (overworking) causes sports injuries (ex. tendonitis), increase in food cravings, and anxiety. If the adrenals overwork long enough because of extended or increased stress they begin to hypofunction (slow function). Adrenal hypofunction means the adrenals are not responding to stress causing allergies, asthma, back or knee pain, muscle tightness, fatigue and depression. Poor adrenal function can contribute to almost any breakdown in the body, ie. disease. Under stress, Cortisol (hormone produced by the adrenals) causes individuals to crave comfort foods, sugar, fatty foods, high carbs, etc. How many of us have had that experience and for how long?

There are several ways to better support the adrenal glands during holiday stress and the hectic lives of too much to do and not enough time. I can offer you suggestions of food choices to support your adrenals and supplements to put them back on track.

By supporting your adrenals you can have a Happy Holiday and share the Joy! Call 319-626-2416 or email me!

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