Pearls of Wisdom about Osteoporosis

Love Your BonesRecently I discussed osteoporosis with a local medical doctor specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis. Here are some important pearls of wisdom you should know:

  • The body can only absorb 600mg of calcium at one time. This means when calcium rich foods are eaten with a meal only so many mg.’s of calcium supplements can be taken, together totaling 600mg.
  • Many have chosen to drink Almond Milk “fortified” with calcium as part of their food intake of calcium. If this is your purpose of drinking almond milk, change. Almond milk is fortified with “calcium carbonate” which is not broken down and absorbed by the body. You can’t count that as part of your daily calcium food intake.
  • Calcium supplements should be either a combination of calcium sources that are bio-available like calcium lactate or calcium citrate, OR the supplement should contain the co-factors for calcium absorption either in the calcium supplement or your multi-vitamin (Vitamin D3, K, Boron, Strontium, etc.). The co-factors can easily be found in a whole food diet and/or calcium supplement.
  • Bone Density Tests are accurate 40% of the time. So that is not the only guideline to follow for your bone health. A specific health history is important.
  • Doses for daily calcium intake:
    • Adults (19-50) = 1000 mg
    • Adult men (51-70) = 1000mg
    • Adult women (51-70 ) = 1200mg
    • Adults (71 & older) = 1200 mg
  • Calcium absorption decreases with age.
  • Both oxalic acid and phytic acid (in some vegetables, beans, whole grains) reduce calcium absorption. For example, spinach (a dark green) is very good for iron intake, etc. but the calcium is not well absorbed.
  • Timing is important. Calcium supplements should not be taken at the same time as certain medications.
  • When reading food labels, you will find the calcium content is often listed by percentage (%), such as “20% of the recommended daily value.” In this example, it means there is 200mg of calcium per serving, assuming the calcium source is absorbable.

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