Placebos and Drug Effectiveness

I do not take the benefits of holistic and alternative medicine for granted. New research is consistently showing the importance of this field to our health. If people choose not to include some therapies of Integrative Medicine (or CAM as it is often referred), they are missing so many opportunities to help them feel good, reduce stress, and find happiness.

LetÂ’s look at one example in research:

  • It is said that placebos have a minimum of 33% effectiveness when used in research or clinical trials.
  • In 1987, Prozac was approved by the FDA to be used for depression and other mental disorders with 36% effectiveness. In 2010, 24.4 million prescriptions of generic Prozac were filled in the US alone.
  • The efficacy of Prozac could not be distinguished from a placebo in 6 out of 10 clinical trials. (Moore, 1999).
  • So in doing the math, Prozac is only 3% more effective than a placebo. 

Why not explore other treatment options? I can help you find therapies to heal your body efficiently. Contact me for an appointment today.

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