Medical Intuitive Mini-Body Scan (20 mins)


Each person carries physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks/imbalances that interfere with daily life and healing. These manifest as symptoms or diseases in the body. The body and the energy field hear and feel everything we say, do, and experience. The body and the energy field hold memories which may contribute to stuck feelings, pain, and uncomfortable physical symptoms. The wisdom of the body and energy field provides insights for healing. This mini body scan provides a scan of one symptom or body system.



For the Medical Intuitive Mini-Body Scan, you choose one symptom. Terri Wiebold, Board Certified Holistic Nurse, focuses on that one symptom by spending about 20 minutes tuning into your body where the symptom is located. The results are shared with you during a 15 minute recording usually emailed to you within five business days of your request. This is not a “full” Body Scan and only offers what the body shares about one symptom. This approach to the Medical Intuitive Body Scan is not recommended for multiple concerns, serious or long term health problems.

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