Putting my beliefs and knowledge into practice

Week 6

Every day I make connections with people who are constantly amazed by the rapid progress of my recovery.  I believe my recovery has been enhanced by my awareness of the bigger picture, investing in my beliefs as a Holistic Health professional, and putting it all into practice in my daily life.

From the moment I heard my back crack and felt the pain, I knew there was a purpose for the accident.  Throughout the healing time, I have experienced an ongoing process of self-discovery, an even greater passion for and belief in the work I do, and a sincere hope that my experiences will be able to help others in similar situations that they may encounter.

The practices that have helped me most through my recovery process:

  1. Keep the big picture in mind!  Do not think of yourself as a victim or place blame on others.  Negative kinds of consciousness block healing!  Accept what has happened and look forward to the process of recovery.
  2. Look for and accept the support of others.  In my case, my husband, family, and friends have been tremendously supportive.  Seek support in your family, community, faith, holistic health professionals and medical professionals.
  3. Embrace a variety of healing methods.  In my healing, there were many Reiki distance healing / hands on sessions, and there were invaluable nutritional and supplemental recommendations made by my nutrition mentors, plus the healing thoughts from everyone!
  4. Take care of your mind, so it can help you to heal your entire self.  A strong, healthy mental outlook will enable a faster, more complete recovery. Read positive, fun books and listen to healing music.
  5. Recognize and trust that your body knows best!  Know your body and listen to what it tells you throughout the healing process.

No doubt you have gleaned some insight on the power of holistic health and healing from the retelling of my experience.  One of the best first steps in discovering the holistic path to healthy living that is right for you is to setup an appointment for a nutrition evaluation, Reiki or body scan.  Appointments can be setup by email or phone.  Click here for more information on making an appointment.

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