Ready to go with the flow!

Week 5

Palisades ParkAs time goes on, and I become clearer headed (I’m down to one pain pill a day!), I find it harder to listen to my body.  My mind is filled with anticipation of doing everything I used to do prior to my accident, and I have to resist becoming impatient with my still healing body.

At the recommendation I found in the Anastasia books, I decided to venture out in nature.  I went with a friend to Palisades Park.  The swift movement of the flooding Cedar River reminded me of the quick flow of time and universal energies as we now progress to 2012.  Right now, life – including healing! – occurs quickly if we are ready to go with the flow.  Although I was tired after the trip, I felt uplifted by the connection I felt with nature.

Being out in nature this week has given me a renewed sense of focus and perspective that I hope to foster for the remainder of my healing time.

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