Reiki is for Helping


Reiki helps with all levels of healing. I know this to be true because I have been using Reiki in my self-care practice and with clients since 1993.

Stress is so prevalent in everyone’s lives these days. So how does Reiki help stress? Reiki is an energy healing therapy for stress management and relaxation. Much of our stress is our perception or view of a situation which then is internalized into physical symptoms like a stomach or headache or emotional symptoms like anxiety, short tempered, or crabby.

A study published in the Nursing Science Quarterly in 2009, tested the changes in experiences, perceptions, and expressions of individuals who received Reiki. Although there are strengths and weaknesses in most studies/research, I found that the results reported from the participants in this study are very similar to what Reiki clients say after their sessions in my office. Some resonating themes reported are: stillness of mind, heightened awareness, relaxation and an all-embracing embodiment of integrated awareness, harmony and health. Reiki assists in changing your reality. Reiki does this by changing perceptions to improve your view of situations, from anxious or headache to calm. When calm, people find it easier to problem solve and see new solutions, a new reality.

Other Reiki studies have proven that Reiki treatments decrease blood pressure and pulse, and reduce pain which promotes relaxation. Questions about how Reiki will benefit you? Please call me 319-626-2416.

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