Reminder: Boost Your Immune System

As we change seasons into autumn then on into winter, it is truly “boost your immune system” time. Sometimes I wonder how these virus/bacteria/flus can just drop out of the sky when the weather changes and we close up our homes! It seems there have been plenty of “bugs” around already. Don’t focus on getting a flu shot, but focus on building your immune system daily. I suggest you read my four part blog series about boosting your immune system from October 2010.

This series is listed by the most recent date, a reverse order of part 1-4. So you may want to scroll down to Part 1 and read up through Part 4.

For all who are Reiki 1 and 2 practitioners, I will be teaching a Crystal Reiki Level One, two-day course in Des Moines Nov. 16 & 17, 2013. Read the details and flyer on my website: Courses page. I have found over the past 15 months that using Crystal Reiki in my practice has helped change people’s lives beyond their expectations! No one has won the lottery doing this (that I know of) but immediate stress reduction, clarity of focus, and healing is creating a lot of happiness. Happiness is good!

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