Soon it will be 2015. It is hard to believe.

We know that over the past year toxins have accumulated in our body. The toxins come from the foods we eat and environmental exposure. Read more here: Environmental Medicine Part 1: Can Your Environment Make You Sick? These toxins contribute to not feeling well, cravings, low energy, foggy headed, aches and pains and many other problems, especially after the holidays. Long term toxins contribute to disease.
bodytoxins_450Start off the New Year by removing the old toxins, clearing the holiday cravings, and getting back on a great food plan. This can be done in just one week.

This One Week Liver Cleanse

Improves energy
Reduces food cravings
Increases mental energy
Strengthens the adrenals
Can be done individually or in a group

I have had several requests for this simple one week liver cleanse starting January 12th. Call to join a group or complete the cleanse on your own or with a spouse. Some people enjoy the support and benefits of having a buddy to do a cleanse. I provide individual and group support throughout the week to answer questions and enhance your success to feel better. Call or email to register for a group or individual start up appointment.

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