Spirituality vs. Religion

There is a growing paralysis of individuals who are searching for meaning in their lives. Many are not able to find a path for this journey. I am offering clarification in this search by describing the difference between spirituality and religion. In healthcare, they are not synonymous.

Religion: an organized system of beliefs shared by a group of people who connect through these shared beliefs. Religion clarifies that some beliefs are different than other belief systems. Religion shows the differences in people.

Spirituality: the essence of our being. It gives us the awareness of who we are, our purpose, and our inner resources. It is active, and it shapes our life journey. Spirituality is expressed and experienced through our connectedness with the Sacred, the self, others, and Nature.

Spirituality will always define who we are. Religion may or may not complement this.

Healing follows the path of looking at the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. The words healing, whole, and holy come from the same root found in the Old Saxon language; the root is “hal,” meaning whole. All aspects of a person help the healing happen. Therefore, healing is a spiritual process that balances the body, mind, and spirit. The healing of spiritual issues are core life issues in the deepest place of one’s being, guided by love, hope, and forgiveness.

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