Spotlight on Your Immune System

Natural Flu ShotsNatural Flu Shots

  • October 15th is “Global Hand Washing Day”. Shouldn’t everyday be Hand Washing Day?
  • It is the time of year to boost your immune system to avoid flu and colds.
  • Eat orange and yellow vegetables while in season.
  • Take a high quality Vitamin D supplement.
  • Eat organic foods.
  • Avoid all sugars.
  • Build your immune system with vegetable juicing.
  • Take whole food supplements for support while living in our toxic, stressed world.
  • Drink plenty of clean filtered water.

Other Tips:

  • Antacids (over the counter and prescribed meds for heartburn and GERD) when taken regularly deplete the body of B12, Folic acid, Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron, and Zinc. Zinc and Vitamin D support the immune system.
  • Nut Allergies? A new note for people with nut allergies: pink peppercorns are in the nut family related to cashews. You will find pink peppercorns in spice blends like Brown Sugar & Spice Honey Ham Rub, Cantanzara Herbs Seasoning Salt, Cherry Creek Seafood Seasoning, Four Corners Peppercorn Blend and Pyramid Peak Lemon Pepper. Once again, read labels.
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