Spread Your Wings

flying bald eagle
Make this the year of you! This year, 2012, is the year of expansion and change. We can all feel it in the air. Have you noticed? Many of the old ways of our lifestyles are not working as well as they once did. Spread your wings by doing something new to adapt to the changes in your life!

Do you know how to reduce stress in your physical, mental, and emotional body? The first step in reducing stress is to examine what you are telling yourself. What are you nattering about? What old tapes are you playing? These all take mental and physical energy, reduce our focus in the present moment, and drain us. Do you want to change this? Begin by looking at the big picture. Step back. Look at the entire flower garden instead of just one wilting flower that is done blooming.

Allow yourself to visualize a bigger picture, and know that everything happens for a reason. Guess what? You may never fully know the reason, but there is always a lesson in the experience. Be willing to change. It will make life easier.

I don’t focus on “New Year’s Resolutions.” Why resolutions and why the New Year? Instead, use each day as a starting point with clear intentions for what you want and where you are going in your life process.

Intentions are different than resolutions. At this time of constant change, resolutions do not keep up with the changes or allow us to incorporate new things. Resolutions are stated in the future. For example: I am going to exercise 4 times per week in 2012. Intentions are stated in the present or as if they already happened. For example: I am exercising 4 times per week in 2012. The change and quality in the words we tell ourselves make a huge difference vibrationally for what will actually manifest. Revisiting your intentions daily or weekly will allow you to change with the times as you grow to expand in your own life!

Energy Healing / Reiki sessions help us relieve stress and pain, gain clarity, focus, and help to maintain a sense of peace and well being. Would you like to get started or clarify your intentions? The Energy Medicine sessions I offer will facilitate this throughout the year!

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