Terri’s Good Reads for September

I’ve been writing tips and blogs for many years now. Starting this month, I’m making a change! I’ll be sharing curated content with you. This will include links to articles and events on a variety of topics that I come across in my daily reading and studying that I think would be of interest to YOU! I hope you enjoy it and as always, I love your feedback.

Why Do We Overeat?

How many of us were taught that feeling hungry is from an empty stomach? New information tells us, it is really the biochemical response in the brain related to the neurotransmitter Dopamine. This article explains how this relates to being overweight and obesity. Worth the read.


Dasani Water Will Soon Be Sold in Aluminum Cans

Although the action taken by Coca-Cola soda pop company is supporting climate change by reducing plastic bottle waste, the truth is it is not helping your health. They are eliminating plastic for the Dasani water bottles and replacing them with aluminum cans. Aluminum, a heavy metal, leaches into containers while in the heat of a warehouse, truck or your car. Heavy metal toxicity, especially aluminum has been found in brain tissue of people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, as one example.The aluminum cans will not create plastic waste but it will contribute to heavy metal toxicity in those who drink from them. Do you have more questions about Heavy Metal Toxicity? I can help.


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