The 3 C’s in Life: Choice, Chance, and Change

Choices begin the process of change. Our brain chemistry actually changes when we make choices. So there is immediate chemistry shift creating physical support for change. Making a choice signals our brain that we’re ready to begin a new journey. So the choice is the first step in changing our behaviors. What choice are you ready to make for change? For this fall season, start by boosting your immune system naturally.

Natural Flu ShotsBoost Your Immune System:
Yellow and Orange autumn vegetables are very tasty! It is no coincidence that nature provides us with these colorful vegetables in the autumn – they offer a much-needed boost to our immune systems before the winter months. Enjoy these vegetables all season, and store more in your freezer for the winter!

Vitamin A boosts our immune system by maintaining the integrity of the mucus membranes in our bodies. The wide variety of squashes, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and carrots are high in Beta-Carotene, which our bodies convert to vitamin A. Yellow, orange and dark green (such as spinach, collard greens, kale, swiss chard) vegetables are excellent sources of Beta-Carotene.

In foods, adults can safely intake up to 25,000 IU’s (measured in international units) per day.

  • Broccoli, I medium stalk = 4500 IU’s
  • Pumpkin, 1 cup cooked = 8000 IU’s
  • Spinach, 1 cup = 7300 IU’s
  • Sweet Potato, 1 medium = 12,000 IU’s
  • Winter Squash, 1 cup = 4300 IU’s

Some symptoms of Vitamin A deficiency:

  • Dry Eyes
  • Night Blindness
  • Reduced Immunity
  • Respiratory Infections

Deficiency can be caused by low intake of vitamin A, absorption problems, and deficiency of protein or zinc in the diet. If you have any of these symptoms, I can further evaluate your concern by scheduling an appointment.

It is the time of year to boost your immune system with a generous intake of seasonal foods high in Vitamin A. I have enjoyed this recipe for years! The recipe is from my sister, Beth, and all foods in the recipe are organic.

2 Acorn Squash (about 2lbs each)
2 Butternut Squash
8 Tbsp. Butter
8 Tbsp. Brown Sugar (optional)
3 Carrots, peeled and halved
1 large Onion, thinly sliced
10 cups Chicken Stock
¾ tsp. ground Mace
¾ tsp. ground Ginger
1 pinch Cayenne Pepper

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. – Cut squash in half, length-wise, scoop out seeds & discard Place squash, skin-side down in a shallow roasting pan. Place 1 Tbsp. butter and sugar in each cavity Arrange carrots & onion slices around squash Pour 2 cups of chicken stock in pan, cover tightly with foil and bake for 2 hours. Remove pan from oven and let cool slightly Scoop the squash pulp out and place in a soup pot Add carrots, onions and cooking liquid Add remaining 8 cups of stock & seasonings, and bring to a boil Reduce to simmer for 10 minutes, uncovered. Puree soup in batches in a food processor. This recipe is delicious and is full of Vitamin A.

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