The GIFT of Healing

present wrapped
To practice self-induced healing is only possible when we listen to the messages our bodies give us. Once we hear our bodies, we must also imagine the desired outcome.

Our bodies communicate with us to let us know when we are out of balance. This is your body’s way of trying to restore your internal balance. If your body responds in situations because of past mistakes, you need to 1) acknowledge the message your body is sending; 2) accept your emotions; 3) forgive yourself and others of past mistakes; 4) be aware of the choices you are making.

We can use the GIFT method to help let go of past experiences and mistakes:
G – gratitude: this teaches us to change our perception of present events
I – imagination & intention: shows we are ready to change and allows us to create a different desired outcome in our present situation
F – forgive: we must forgive and accept ourselves and others in order to move forward
T – trust: we must trust and believe that what we want to happen will happen, which trains our bodies to respond in a new way.

By imagining a world of positive possibilities, we will perceive that world to be true.

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