The Truth About Butter

Butter has had a bad reputation for many years. Beginning in the twentieth century, butter was labeled as bad for your health, and margarine became the popular substitute. We now know that margarine is a trans fat, which has many detrimental health effects. Recently, olive oil and canola oil have favored over butter. However, there are many reasons why we should keep butter in our diets.

How is butter made? Butter is made by separating cream from milk. Since the fat-based cream portion of the milk is lighter than the water and milk solids portion, the cream in fresh milk will eventually rise to the top of the milk with enough time. Spinning the milk speeds up the separation process. When the cream has been separated from the milk, it is churned until it reaches a semi-solid state. This product is butter. Many times the butter is then salted. Because butter comes directly from milk, it is as pure as the dairy cattle are. Grass fed cows that are not given hormones makes the ideal butter.

The truth about butter: it is a completely natural food essential to your health, particularly when you eat organic butter. When you incorporate healthy oils and fats into your diet, they nourish your body and benefit longevity, hormone balance, heart health, sharp vision, moisturized skin, and energy. Eating butter can improve your health!


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