Three Reasons to Pay It Where?

Kindness is FreeAs we begin November, our focus shifts from the beautiful fall leaves to the holidays. The holidays have easily become “Tis the Season of More Stress”. But you can change that by shifting your focus to someone else. Do something for someone who has less or may need a perk in their day. Make someone happy! Paying It Where? Forward. Paying It Forward is doing a simple act of kindness, no strings attached.

What does Paying It Forward do?

  1. It turns the focus away from ourselves. It changes a usual thought pattern from “What’s in it for me?’ to “How can I create more joy for someone else?’.
  2. It is centered on giving not getting.
  3. It is joyful both ways. Giving to a perfect stranger creates joy in the act and receiving is always a wonderful surprise.

Here are a few ideas of simple acts of kindness by paying it forward to shift your stress:

  • put a quarter in a meter that is about to expire
  • tip your restaurant server generously
  • give a warm coat to a homeless person
  • say a prayer or make a kind wish for someone
  • compliment a stranger
  • let someone cut in front of you at the grocery store
    smile at strangers
  • pay the coffee for the next person in line at the coffee shop

Small acts of kindness lead to enhancing the giving and receiving cycle which help the world be a better place. Email me your acts of kindness that you do over the holidays. I would love to hear the experiences and feelings.

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