Tips to Activate Your Best Self in 2018

calendarIf you entered 2018 with a list of resolutions, you’re not alone. Many of us make New Year’s resolutions, but research shows 80% of us give up on them midway through February.

If you’re already feeling your commitment waning, it’s not too late to reignite your resolve so you can arrive at 2019 celebrating yourself instead of chastising yourself.

Start Small

I believe moving our life forward in a positive direction starts with taking small steps. Choose one goal instead of making an overwhelming list of resolutions. Choose the one that will truly change you from the inside out—the one that has you all but turning cartwheels when you think about manifesting it. After all, that excitement is what will sustain you throughout the year. If you aren’t enthusiastic about your goal, choose a new one.

Identify Your “Why”

Once you have your goal firmed up, be clear about the “why” behind it. Why is achieving your goal important to you? Once you know that, it’s time to get out your toolbox. Pick the tools—books, people or other resources—that will help you achieve your goal. Then make a plan.

4 More Tips

Here are four more tips that will help you activate your best self in 2018. How do I know? They work for me!

  1. Write it down. Whatever your goal is for the new year, be clear about it—and then write it down. Say it out loud. Post it all over your home. This works.
  2. Change your thinking. Old thinking can get in the way of new ways of being. For example, I’ve had to let go of thinking I don’t have the time. Ask yourself what beliefs are keeping you from your best self. Then change your thinking.
  3. Meditate. In last month’s blog, I shared how spending time in the silence has helped me. I believe in it so strongly as a tool for positive change that I’m including it here, too. Meditating first thing in the morning (even if just for five minutes) will benefit you throughout the day—and the year.
  4. Journal. I keep a small spiral notebook handy so that I can write an intention, capture an inspiration or write my way through a stressful moment. Journaling helps me access my inner wisdom so I find clarity and peace of mind at times when both feel elusive. Choose a journal that inspires you and keep it near in the coming year.

I Can Help

Do you want or need support to achieve your goals for the coming year? I’d love to help you get to your best self. Please email me at or call me at 319-631-0824.