Toxic Exposure: Sight Unseen

chemicals in lab bottles
The environmental toxins that are absorbed into our bodies are not processed and eliminated easily from the body. Many times, these toxins can be the underlying cause of repeated symptoms and the level of severity of health problems.

Each person has a bio-individuality that makes us more or less sensitive to certain chemicals in our environment. There are many common responses to chemicals, but we all react to the chemicals differently. What may not affect one person may make another person very ill.

There is substantial evidence that children with ADHD, particularly boys, have higher concentrations of pesticides and organophosphates in their bodies. The higher the level of toxins is, the greater the risk of ADHD.

All of these toxins can accumulate in any part of our bodies. Some toxins are attracted to our nerve cells, some to the thyroid, some to our gastrointestinal tract, etc. For this reason, it is important to do annual detoxifications to cleanse the body of the toxins. You should choose a detoxification that is gentle, easy to fit into your lifestyle, and professionally supervised to be as effective as possible. I can help you find a detox program to specifically suit your needs.

Look for an assessment of your detox needs in next week’s blog!

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