Upcoming Class: “Can Your Body Really Talk?” Not to be missed!

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Have you tried other paths of healing only not to find the source of your illness or discomfort? In order to determine the root of your illness, you must learn what your body is telling you.

Join me to discover the art and science of Medical Intuition! We will explore the benefits of Medical Intuition BodyScan, how it complements the work with your healing team, and we will find opportunities for you to move forward on your life’s journey.

After the 2-hour class, I will offer individual sessions for Mini-BodyScans. These sessions will allow your body to share information about the root cause of your problems.

The class and sessions will be held Saturday March 24th from 10-noon. Class size is limited, and you must pre-register by March 21st.

See my Workshops page for more information!

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