Visualizing my recovery

walkerReality really hit when, about 36 hours later, the nurse put on my back brace, and I attempted to walk across the hospital room.  I held on to the walker and took three steps.  Despite the morphine drip in the IV, the pain was almost entirely intolerable.  At this point of tremendous pain, I had a moment of clarity: I could visualize myself with a healed, strong spine, and I knew I was going to make a complete recovery, despite the diagnosis and pain!

In my practice, holistic treatment is not a passing trend or a gimmick to sell alternative medicine.  Holistic health is about emphasizing the whole person and utilizing all beneficial health options available.  My recovery would result from utilizing strengths found in traditional healthcare, including body imaging technology, physical movement, and practice, and in holistic healthcare mental conditioning with prayer, nutrients available through foods and supplements, medical intuition and knowledge of self, and Reiki energies.  Tremendous healing power comes only through the combination of the whole.

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