Where does self-care go when we are too busy?

overloaded_truckI have moved into my new Coralville office with the help of several friends and of course my never tiring husband. The entire process took more energy and time than expected. I could easily become overwhelmed at times trying to make so many decisions. I am very grateful for those who helped me organize and see everything possible for my office healing space. I look forward being in Coralville and offering healing in any way I can.

However, once again I learned how easy it is when I get busy to lose track of the self-care routines that support me best under stress. I was reminded about self-care when I read an article in the Reiki News magazine, “Reiki, Resilience and Self Care“, summer issue. How timely this was. Here are six pearls of wisdom from that article:

  1. We cannot stop the waves of life but we can certainly learn to surf. Changing the way we are looking at things can change our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.
  2. Daily Reiki self-care is the key that unlocks the resources within. This is nourishing from the inside out. Our spiritual practices strengthen us. Reiki self-care is like strengthening a muscle.
  3. Whether you are doing self-Reiki or meditation every day, this quiets the mind and strengthens the body.
  4. Quiet time develops resiliency builds inner reserves and internal survival skills.
  5. Self-care with Reiki or other routines (eating whole foods, meditation, exercise, etc.) steers you to self-directed wellness.
  6. Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, believed if you healed the mind, you healed the body. He, also, believed the five secrets of inviting happiness are:

get_your_happy_onJust for today

Do not anger, Do not worry, Be grateful, Do your work, Be kind to others

This is so true. This article contains many more pearls of wisdom, too long for this Tips from Terri e-news. I am so thankful to the author of this timely article, Kathy Lipinski, RN, MSN, CH.

Reiki self-care is taught in the Level 1 &2 Reiki classes. I will teach this class in the fall. I will have the schedule of classes posted on my website in July and more information in the August Tips from Terri. It is an opportunity not to be missed. I would be happy to answer any questions.

If you have not had an opportunity to experience Reiki, call for an appointment. My new phone number is 319-631-0824. My email address is the same.

newofficeNew office location:
250 12th Ave. Suite 150
Coralville, Iowa
We share a parking lot with Applebee’s and are across the street, west of New Pioneer Coop.

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