Where there is smoke…there is fire.

Do you wonder or get frustrated having repeated symptoms of dis-ease without feeling better? Do you eat well, exercise and still have fatigue, headaches, insomnia, increasing problems with allergies or other symptoms?

Your symptoms are the smoke. The fire is the toxins in your body built up from processed foods, air quality, stress, alcohol, and medications.


Revitalizing your health is very important after a year of exposure to many pesticides, herbicides, and other uncontrollable toxins including many holiday foods of sugar, carbs, and other treats. Today we are exposed to more pollutants than ever before. Our bodies were not designed to process an onslaught of these toxic materials. I will be guiding individuals through a 7 day cleanse/detox to lower your exposure to toxins so you can feel better and reduce the risk of illness. This cleanse/detox program is professionally supported and scientifically documented.

Feel better starting in January 2016

10% off each 7-day Cleanse/Detox Kit which includes:

  • 30 minute “detox” 1:1 consult appointment with me in January (either before or after the cleanse)
  • Instruction book
  • Cleansing supplements

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