Willingness to Change

road sign
There is nothing certain in life except change. Sometimes the uncertainty can feel overwhelming. If we look at the clues life brings us, we can successfully adjust to changes before we hit rock bottom.

Unfortunately, many of us will hit rock bottom before we begin to make changes. Once things are so bad, we have no choice but to make the changes. However, when things are at their worst, it takes a substantial amount of work to repair the circumstances – whether they are relationships, overeating, addictions, or other life issues.

We may ignore the early signs of problems we encounter. Some of these problems may be cravings, weight gain, overuse of alcohol, addictions, codependency, smothering relationships, and a variety of others. Even though all the early signs of a need for change may be present, we have been programmed to think “ it is not that bad,” or “ it will never happen again,” or “it was just the stress this week.” We also tend to think, “things will change when…” No matter what problem needs our attention, we need to consciously make the changes or the problem will keep recurring.

Fear of the unknown often keeps us stuck in old patterns and behaviors. It is important to be honest with your fears. If you are being faithful to your fears, then you are not living your truth.

No matter how many bumps you encounter on life’s road, you must work to prevent hitting rock bottom. To do this, you must strive to solve problems with a willingness to change.

As Gandhi said,
“Keep your beliefs positive because
     Your beliefs become your thoughts
        Your thoughts become your words
           Your words become your actions
              Your actions become your habits
                 Your habits become your values
                   Your values become your destiny!”

Remember this as you make the necessary changes to live your best life. You are in charge of your destiny!

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