You Jumped, Now Dust Yourself Off and Get Back Up

Last month, we talked about jumping off the merry-go-round of making New Year’s Resolutions because they often lead to disappointment. We talked about building on a foundation of self-care for better health:  mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Have you tried self-care and still didn’t get the results you wanted? Did you say, “I’m going to take care of myself by eating well and this will help me lose 10 pounds?” Then, did your food plan look like this “recipe” most days? Did you start out great and then the stress of the day caused you to default to old habits?

Stress Diet Recipe

There is a simple solution. Change the intention. Let me explain.

February is well known as Heart Awareness Month, raising awareness about heart disease. However, this month is also focused on expressing love not only to our family but also extending the love to everyone we know. Commercially this focus has always been on someone else. But it is missing the initial step. The initial step is to love yourself first so we can then love others. We know this.

When setting a goal for the new year, instead of saying, “I will take care of myself by eating well” say, “I will love myself.” When you love yourself, you will treat yourself better. Changing your intention to self-love brings the rest of your life into balance. There will be no anger, guilt, judgement, or blame. What will fall into place? Personal growth, better health, better relationships, less stress, and last but not least more happiness.

When I read the article below I realized all I needed to do for self-love was to apply my values and passions to each day. It has been so easy. The writer says, “When you aim to make positive changes out of love for yourself, the universe shifts to support you… . Love yourself the way you would a small child and see if your world doesn’t feel just a bit sweeter.”

Read the full article here: 4 Keys to Following Through on Your New Year’s Intentions.

Don’t worry about others.

self-care quote

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