Your Body: Post-operative

yhi_energyThis has been a year of my healing focusing on my eyes. I recently had bilateral cataract surgery with great success. I am grateful to each person from start to finish for the assistance through this process. I am especially grateful to Maggie Mowery, my day of surgery escort and Ellen Remley Wetzel, Karuna Reiki Master.

What is Reiki?


I want to share one important part of my post op self-care. Ellen shared with me a Crystal Reiki treatment to assist in starting the healing process the day of surgery. The purpose of a Reiki treatment after surgery is to clear the energy field of the stress and imbalances surgery causes, remove the anesthetic the stays in each person’s energy field (for days) after the surgery is over, and reduce or eliminate pain.

Before, during, and after surgery there is often anxiety about the results of the surgery, plus the electromagnetic fields of all the (electrical) equipment in the room or attached to the body. The imbalances caused by these can last for hours or days. Reiki reduces anxiety and balances the person’s energy field to accelerate healing.

The anesthetic whether local, IV, or general does its job during surgery but is not quickly metabolized out of the body. Allowing our own body to detox/remove the anesthetic will take days to weeks depending on the length of time the anesthetic is administered. This sounds backwards but when the anesthetic stays in the energy field and the body, the person experiences more pain. Studies have proven post op surgical patients who have Reiki right after surgery (removing the anesthetic from the energy filed) require less pain medication and therefore are more active to promote healing.

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So this explains why I choose Crystal Reiki with Ellen as first choice of self-care the day of surgery to clear my energy field and accelerate healing. I felt great, no pain, clear headed and full of energy. At my eye exam 3 days later, Dr. Veatch, my Optometrist (acting surprised) commented on how well my eye had healed already.

I have offered and given post op Reiki treatment sessions many times over the years in the hospital or in my office. Please remember this opportunity if you, a loved one, or a friend need to have surgery. Gift Certificates available, simply contact me.

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