4 Tips to Rethink Habits this Spring


Ah, Spring! Days become longer. Weather gets warmer. Plants start growing and flowers start blooming. But with Spring comes Daylight Saving Time and the loss of a precious hour of sleep. That change alone can make us moodier—and prompt us to engage in not-so-healthy habits to help give us a boost with or without coffee.

If “Coffee-to-Cabernet” describes most of your days, consider rethinking these four habits this Spring:

  1. Drinking coffee: Coffee is often the go-to when we’re feeling tired or low on energy. In fact, it’s one of the world’s most popular beverages. When we drink coffee, the caffeine blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter in our brains, causing a stimulant effect. The result: our mood and energy lifts. While studies have shown coffee has a number of impressive health benefits, too much coffee can cause adverse side effects, from migraines to rapid heartbeat and insomnia to nervousness. If you experience any of these, cut back—slowly. An abrupt decrease in your coffee consumption may result in withdrawal systems. One great coffee alternative I’ve discovered: brewed cacao, such as this one by Crio Bru.
  2. Consuming sugar: Sugar is insidious, found in everything from yogurt to salad dressings. Not only will it expand your waistline, but research shows it can also put you at risk for cardiovascular disease. Instead of reaching for that can of soda or candy bar to give you an energy boost, go for a protein snack instead. Peanut butter on celery sticks, tuna, and hard-boiled eggs are healthy alternatives and will go a long way to keeping your blood sugar levels stable. The result: more sustained energy.
  3. Smoking cigarettes: When you smoke, that shot of nicotine into your bloodstream gives you a boost in your energy and can lower your stress level, too. But those are short-lived. Give up smoking and I promise you will have more energy—and so many more positive outcomes. But what can you do instead of smoking to get that much-needed boost when your energy is waning? Go for a walk. Climb up and downstairs. Focus on your breathing, all the while celebrating your soon-to-be healthier lungs.
  4. Downing alcohol: The end of the day has arrived and now you’re thinking about shutting down versus revving up. If your evening routine includes alcohol, be mindful. Yes, there are studies showing a moderate amount of red wine may be good for your heart, but evidence also shows that having as little as two drinks before bed can cause you to sleep less restfully and wakeup more frequently. If you like a glass of wine, keep it to 5 ounces—and consume it well before bedtime.

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