Healthy Eating Journal: Keep Yourself on Track

You are what you eat. Think about the demands you put on your body each day, and now imagine the fuel you put in your body to meet these demands. The healthier the fuel, the better able your body will be to meet your expectations of it. I want my fuel to be nutritious, delicious, and fulfilling – both physically and mentally.

Keeping a healthy eating journal is a great way to keep yourself on track with healthy eating choices. Here are some ideas to include in your journal:

  • Record what you eat on any given day. Looking at what you eat, when you eat it, and how much you eat of it can be useful in tracking your choices.
  • Write down reasons why healthy eating is important to you. Let these reasons inspire you to stay on track.
  • Make note of how you feel. Chances are that with the healthy eating choices you make, your body is going to feel good. Remind yourself of this by writing it down – words are powerful motivators.
    Keep reminders of Farmers’ Markets dates. The local Farmers’ Markets will be opening again in May, and these provide an excellent source of local, healthy eating options.
  • Make note of how many live foods you can incorporate into your eating plan., and strive for more. Seeing the colorful palette of fruits and vegetables on your plate is sure to inspire you.
  • Maintain a list of new, healthy recipes. Whether you write the recipes or you note where to find them online or in your recipe books, this list will inspire your eating choices. A picture of a new, healthy dish can be great inspiration.
  • Write a list of motivational quotes or personal aspirations to keep you going when the going gets tough. Revisit these inspirational thoughts to help you on your way.

As you continue on your path of healthy eating, remember that what you put in your body determines what you get out of it. Contact me for more ideas to help you in your healthy eating choices.

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